"When I first started playing golf I needed a coach to help me build the foundations of a great swing. Not long after we started to work together I significantly reduced my handicap from 54 down to eventually 4 a few years later.  You helped me work on the problems in my swing but also never changed the things that worked. You’ve helped me get to a level of golf that would never have been achieved on my own.


Fantastic coach with an amazing attitude towards the game and bettering your students"

Daniel Dyer, Hcp 4

"I play golf on average 2 times per week in the summer and used to spend hours down the driving range trying to get rid of my slice. I had two different golf coaches for multiple lessons but still couldn’t get the ball straight and used to have to compromise out on the course. After two lessons with Alex I was hitting a nice little draw.


Alex is easy to work with and has a great understanding of the golf swing. With the use of video apps and launch monitoring it’s brilliant because he shows you where you're going wrong and how to solve the problem.


I now spend little time on the range and have better scores than ever. He’s a top guy and definitely worth a try to improve your golf."

Daniel Brazil, 18hcp

"I couldn’t recommend Alex enough as a golf coach, I was a VERY frustrated 28 handicap golfer before I started having my lessons with him and I haven’t looked back since.


I look forward to it every week and he teaches in a way that really makes sense and works for me. It’s hard work and frustrating at times trying to get it right, but he’s always got something or some way to make me understand what he’s teaching and he has totally changed my swing for the better and my total outlook on Golf.


If there’s one thing I would say to anyone starting out or serious about golf, it's have lessons and in my view, Alex is the perfect guy to teach you."


Justin McGrath, 15 Hcp

"I have been working with Alex for about 12 months.


Over this time we have built a good understanding and have made some huge improvements to my swing and overall golf ability.


I like the fact that Alex is able to understand where I am coming from when I explain swing thoughts (in non golfing terminology, probably) and work with me to change or focus on the positive ones"


Paul Nolan, 16 Hcp

“After joining Redditch Golf Club in 2010, I decided to take some lessons to see if my 23 HC could be improved.

In just over 4 years, Alex Richardson had helped me go from Division 3 to Division 1 and reduce my HC from 23 to 11.

Alex is an outstanding “easy to understand” coach and with his new computerised video analysis room, you can see exactly what’s happening with your swing on the big screen. This in conjunction
with Alex’s guidance, will help you get your game back on track and also get the most out of your time golfing.

Alex through his excellent coaching, encourages you to be the best golfer you can be and is always interested in how you are doing out there on the course.

He has no doubt seriously improved the overall standard of Mens, Ladies and Junior golf at Redditch GC and long may he continue to do so.

I guess you can tell by now that I thoroughly recommend his services."

Steve Dalloway, Hcp 11

"Alex is a great coach and such a great guy to work with.


His knowledge of the golf swing is better than anyone’s, his techniques and methods were so easy to install into my game, yet improved my swing and all round performance"

James Robinson, +4 hcp, now Professional

"I picked up a golf club for the very first time just over 2 years ago on a taster day at Redditch Golf Club and enjoyed it so much decided to join the academy taught by Alex.

I was very nervous at the thought of having a lesson but Alex put me at ease straight away by his patience and constant encouragement.


I have golf lessons with Alex and find his method of teaching is easy to understand, he makes you feel so much more confident when you walk out of his lesson.


I find it extremely useful when he sends you a video of your corrected swing which proves to be highly valuable for future reference. My only issue is I wish I had taken up golf years ago.   


Thank you Alex "

Linda Macilravey, 27 hcp

“I started having lessons with Alex in January 2016, after 3 years at RGC.

I had been having lessons with various pros prior to working with Alex, but I wasn’t making enough progress.


Alex’s attention to the technical details and the analysis available through the swing room and the app we use really suits me.


Within a year of starting lessons with him I’d knocked 4 shots off my handicap and I’m still seeing Alex on a regular basis to (hopefully) keep improving.


You can tell from talking to a Alex that he really gets a buzz from seeing his students knock in a good score in a competition."

Sam Bettridge, 16 hcp

"I have been having regular coaching from Alex for a couple of years now. He is a superb teacher concentrating on what is possible for you, but at the same time pushing you to practice what is achievable.


He is very patient and does not try to cover too many changes in one session. His use of
technology in analysing your swing is very helpful and gives good feedback post session via the Technique video app.


I am finding increased consistency, improved distance and accuracy across all my clubs. As I'm 75, for him to increase my distance is quite an achievement!


I have often asked about changing clubs, and his recommendations have mostly been to retain those clubs I have with the most appropriate
shafts, rather than buying new. I trust his advice about club choice completely.

I thoroughly recommend Alex as a golf coach and would suggest that investing the cost of a new driver in lessons over a period of time as being more likely to improve your golf than buying the
shiny new toy."


Dr. Iain Sidford, Hcp 20

"As a novice, senior high-handicapper, having lessons with Alex has definitely transformed my game. His focused, structured, supportive approach has increased my skill level and most importantly my confidence.


Alex is always keen to set manageable challenges with precise outcomes. The video feedback combined with the drills established during the lesson give me a clear framework for follow-up work on the range.


Alex is a highly skilled tutor who prides himself on, indeed takes pleasure in, developing my potential so I can raise my game to the next level. His genuine enthusiasm to see me progress has inspired me to want to achieve my goals.


I’m definitely starting to feel less pain and more gain on the course! For all you golfers out there who would love to advance your game to the next level I would not hesitate to recommend Alex!"

John Walsh, 23 hcp

"Totally recommend Alex for anyone’s golfing improvements. He makes the lesson fun. Alex has a natural ability to spot your fault within just a few shots, then with the aid of his launch monitor and  video, the fault is clearly demonstrated, talked through and rectified.


I gained 50 yards on my driver distance and became more consistent."

Karl Brain, 10 hcp